John James "Jim" Peregoy    

Mr. Peregoy provides his services to select firms engaged in the design, construction, and/or administration of heavy civil construction projects.
His broad and comprehensive experience, as well as his highly developed analytical and personal skills, provide an innovative approach to solving problems for his clients.

Jim has been engaged in the heavy civil construction marketplace for more than 28 years during which time he has risen through the ranks from: field engineering and management; through project specific estimating and cost control; to managing the corporate estimating and cost control function for several contractors. He has been instrumental in developing methods to: review project documents; analyze risk; estimate, bid, win, budget, and manage work; while providing effective management and cost control throughout the process.

While working through several large underground contractors, he has proven himself by continually developing accurate and realistic valuations for construction projects and is regarded by past senior management, and the tunneling market, as both skilled and driven to meet project objectives.

Through his extensive experience and contacts throughout the industry, Jim can put together, and manage, a team to handle any size project, in any local, with any degree of complexity.

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